We are the brainchild of the award-winning travel publication, SUITCASE Magazine, working with intrepid brands to uncover the stories they wish to tell. Our multi-disciplinary team are experts in content creation, production and strategic thinking.
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We understand the importance of a strong brand in a crowded marketplace, and can work with clients on cultural positioning through workshops and industry insight, brand identity, creative strategy and brand design.


Choice of channel, and where and how to tell your story has a significant impact on the way in which a brand reaches its desired audience. We work with clients on on social media strategy, content strategy and paid marketing strategy, underpinned by our unique understanding of the millennial audience.


We are creators at our core and have a global network of writers, videographers and photographers from which to draw. We work with brands on video and photo shoots, content production, printed collateral and digital design.



Social Media

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As attention spans get shorter, engaging audiences effectively is more difficult than ever. An editorial approach to written communication can help brands position themselves at the start of the customer’s journey and foster a more transparent and trusting relationship

with their consumers. Our team of copywriters and extended network of wordsmiths are experts in constructing a voice that is uniquely tailored to a brand and will resonate with their audience. Our heritage as publishers of an award-winning magazine make us uniquely placed to help brands communicate at a time where what you say and how you say it matters more than ever.

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Content Strategy

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Belmond & LPO


Mastering the art of a great website, hub or platform can be challenging – the desire to be creative can often hamper user experience and lead to high exit rates and missed opportunities. Your audience will first encounter you online–we help you to give them a value-adding experience.

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Web Design

A clear sense of visual identity is essential for a brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Speak to us about branding, creative strategy, positioning and competitor audits. Our approach is tailored for every client – focusing only on what you truly need.